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"KSU studio" - King Space Universe studio - it is a team of perspective young fashion designers, stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists, image makers, clip makers, creative content makers and photographers who are united under the brand "KSU studio" and enhance their industry into the mass audience. We hope that among us there are many future stars who are ready and well-equipped to achieve global results being a part of this enormous hype Universe and become the highest top ever seen. We are full of energy and enthusiasm, however, as any of the start-ups begin, we need money to make our ideas and ambitions come true. Your investments will help us with a quick start. Join "KSU studio" - it is not just fun to be a part our our squad, it is profitable as well!

We do what we like and what we have done - we like even more!

  • Plan

    17% daily

    Period: 6 days

    $30 - $200

    Deposit included

Multi-accounts are strictly forbidden.

Minimum Withdraw Perfect Money $5
Minimum Withdraw NixMoney$5
Minimum Withdraw Tether USDT TRC-20 $10
All withdrawals are made within 24 hours.
You can have only one deposit per plan

Use our referral program and earn up to 1% of referral deposits!

Name Commision (%)
Level 1 1%

We accept: PM, Tether_TRC20, Nix Money

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